About Peak Interactive Wellness

Psychiatry & Medication Management located in Denver, CO

Peak Interactive Wellness

Peak Interactive Wellness is a renowned psychiatric clinic in the heart of Denver, Colorado. With a client-centered approach, the experienced team is committed to providing exceptional care and support for individuals seeking optimal mental health and well-being. 

The clinic offers a comprehensive range of services, including medication management, ketamine and Spravato® esketamine treatments, supplements through WholeScripts®, and genetic testing with Genomind and GeneSight®. Offering a blend of traditional therapies, medication management, and emerging treatments allows the team to tailor every person’s care plan to address their unique needs and concerns.

At Peak Interactive Wellness, the team recognizes that mental health is an integral part of an individual's overall identity. They aim to assist clients in regaining a sense of wellness, whether they’re navigating life transitions, recovering from traumatic events, or seeking relief from long-standing mental health challenges.

The practice places a strong emphasis on building trust and facilitating transformative experiences. By fostering direct communication, providing education on evidence-based practices, and addressing common barriers to care, the team ensures that each client receives the support they deserve. 

That’s why they partner with Genoa® Pharmacy, a client-first pharmacy that ensures individuals with complex mental health conditions receive personalized care through medication coordinators, pharmacists, and clinical programs.

People of all ages can rely on Peak Interactive Wellness to provide comprehensive, flexible care. The clinic embraces telemedicine and offers interactive services that strive to combat the stigma surrounding mental health disorders. 

The team’s personalized approach goes beyond prescribing medications. They integrate groundbreaking testing services, cutting-edge treatment modalities, and the fundamentals of self-care to promote balance and enhanced well-being.

With a commitment to providing exceptional care, Peak Interactive Wellness is dedicated to helping clients live the fulfilling lives they deserve. 

Schedule an appointment with the dedicated team and take the first step toward optimal mental health. Call or book a visit online today to learn more.